Rubber Mat Stall Kit

Wash Mats 3 x 3

4'x6' x 1/2"

4'X6' x 3/4"

5'x7' x 1/2"

5'X7' x 3/4"

Rolled Mating 48" 3/16" inch sold by the foot



Talon ABM (35lbs, 70 bags on skid)

Eagle Valley (40lbs, 70 bags on skid)

West Coast Shavings (3.6 cu.ft compressed, approx 10 cu.ft loose)

Triple S Shavings ( 5cu.ft compressed)

Fraser Shavings (8Cu.Ft loose)

Straw (50 lbs)

Stall Dri (50lb)

Sirocco (50lb)

Lime (25 kg)

Spruce Valley (9 cu.ft loose)

Healthi Straw (10-12 Cu.ft loose)

Organic Straw (10-12Cu.Ft loose)

Simply Straw (10-12Cu.Ft loose)



We stock Red Barn Mats made only in Canada, for more information click on the Red Barn logo


Edge Mat's (Sealed Compound)

4'x6' 1/2"

4'x6' 3/4"