Rubber Mat Stall Kit

Wash Mats 3 x 3

4'x6' x 1/2"

4'X6' x 3/4"

5'x7' x 1/2"

5'X7' x 3/4"

Rolled Mating 48" 3/16" inch sold by the foot

Edge Mats (Non Vulcanized)

4x6 1/2"

4x6 3/4"



Talon ABM (35lbs, 80 bags on skid)

Eagle Valley (40lbs, 70 bags on skid)

West Coast Shavings (3.6 cu.ft compressed, approx 10 cu.ft loose)

Triple S Shavings ( 5cu.ft compressed/141 litres)

Cedar Shavings (5cu.ft compressed)

Straw (50 lbs)

Stall Dri

Lime (25 kg)

Spruce Valley (9 cu.ft loose)

Platinum (11 cu.ft loose)



We stock Red Barn Mats made only in Canada, for more information click on the Red Barn logo